Satisfied Clients

“Organizing with Mary was such a rewarding experience, an amazing unburdening of stuff, emotionally and physically. I am so happy living in a home that has been organized and uncluttered! I will never again accumulate things and say I’ll clean later. I do it right away, everyday! Simplifying life is a GOOD THING!”

Robin W. (Madison)

“We’ve moved and we really credit selling our house so fast with how well you helped us organize it.  The buyer commented that one of the big reasons he bought it was because how clean and organized it was.”

Brandon and Jill (Madison)

 My husband and I had a combined “life” of stuff of over 80 years in our attic (our attic of 6 years) as we are both 40. The “energy” of the piles of stuff have weighed on me for many years, but working full-time, raising a child and life just kept getting in the way of “dealing” with the attic. Not only did the piles never get sorted and organized, but they GREW! I scoured the internet for someone who could help me, and for some special reason, Mary’s website jumped out at me compared to all others… something in the name “Sort-n-Release,” but also a warmth and compassion about the description of her work. My intuition could not have been more accurate! Mary was and is an angel to our family. She swooped in with all the sincerity and kindness you would want in someone who is going to see EVERYTHING! She did such an amazing job “detangling” our attic (our LIFE), it has left me physically, mentally and energetically LIGHTER. AND I have kept up the process and path of a lighter way since she completed her work in our home. Initially, I was worried about the cost, but can honestly say, IT WAS WORTH EVERY, SINGLE PENNY and then some!! I cannot even put into words why this is, but believe me, you will be very glad you enlisted her thorough, compassionate assistance!

Amy Ginko, Middleton, WI