Areas to ask Questions about:

Quilting Function                                                  Components

Design                                                                 Books/Magazines/Patterns/ Class Notes/Computer/Printer

Sewing                                                                 Machine / Cabinet

Cutting and Layout                                               Table / Mats / Work Surface / Design Wall

Pressing                                                                Ironing Board or Surface

Storage                                                                 for Fabric / Tools / Supplies / Work in Progress / Kits

Inspiration                                                             Collections / Finished Work / Supplies / Art / Photos


Reasons to Keep:

You Like It / It’s Beautiful / It’s Useful / It’s Meaningful or Sentimental / You are Inspired and Motivated

Reasons to Release:

Faded or Stained / No Longer Your Style / You have a Duplicate / Due Date has Passed /

Not Interested / You can Repurpose It / Not Motivated / Causes Guilt or Feels like a Burden

You can think of someone else who would really appreciate it (but ask first)

Release to:

Charity / Church / Friends / Relatives / Schools (classroom or art teachers) / a Beginning Quilter /

Senior Center / a Community Group

2 Styles of Storage:

Open - Everything is out and showing

Positive:     You can be inspired by your supplies  - spawns creativity

Negative:    Seeing everything can be overwhelming or distracting…

Closed - Everything is put away

Positive:     It looks simple and you can keep your focus

Negative:   You might forget what you have or you can’t find it…

General Principles to Follow:

- Keep your Work Surface free of storage - it makes it more inviting and easier to work

- Be open to keeping large or rarely used items out of quilting room (like basement or storage room)

- Keep tools needed often closer/accessible

- You can use info, tools, supplies and projects to create a pleasing adn inspiring space -

    not everything needs to be put away

Short List of Options I have used with Client:

Tools:  Tower of plastic drawers with wheels, Computer desk tray or shallow drawers of a desk or cabinet, Trays, baskets, upright slots

Books:  Book Shelves, Magazine Holders, Baskets

Fabric Stash:  Kitchen type cabinets (36” W, 30” H, 11” D), Drawers with Sock Holders (store vertically - especially good for small scraps, Baskets, rolled up fat quarters in buckets, roll up strips in jelly rolls, tie up stacks of fat quarters with ribbon

WIPs:  Pizza boxes, Sweater size bins, linen bags (ziplock has a variety), clear plastic bags from linens

Kits:  Bookshelves, Baskets, Tower of Plastic drawers (large size)

Notions:  Unused Dresser Drawers with plastic bins as dividers, various containers and jars to store buttons, ribbons, copper colored jello molds for buttons or small notions…be creative!

Ideas for where to find additional storage:

- Use what you already own - repurpose unused furniture

- Craigslist

- Garage Sales or Auctions

Ways to Catagorize Supplies:

By Notions:        embellishments, thread, functional notions…

By Fabric Type:  asians, batiks, ethnic, geometrics, holiday, marbles, novelty, traditional, etc…

By Color groups:    brights, muddy, black/white, etc…

By Size:  fat quarters, 1/2 - 1 yd, 1+ yds and backings

By Purpose:  stash, projects, kits, wips

Ways to Categorize WIPS (Works in Progress):

By Due Date

By Season

By who it is for (yourself, gifts, sample to teach class with)

WIPs to be repurposed - put back in stash or donate

WIPs to take to retreat or to collaborate with

Tip:  Make a list on the computer of your projects in order of importance or by category.  Keep it taped up so you can see your goals and check off when you finish.  You can also rearrange it and reprint it every few months.  This will help you see your progress and stay focused.

Make a “Scrap Yard”:

This would be a corner of your quilt space dedicated for scraps and scrap patterns -

Ideas for Scrap Management:

- by Fabric Type

- by Color

- by Project

- By Size (2.5” strips, 5” squares, 10” squares, Fat Quarters


Celebrate / Finish a project / Start a new Project / Take a Class/ Go to a Retreat / Invite a Friend Over and Collaborate!

Books and Resources:

Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter    by Carolyn Woods

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space                                  by Losi Hallock

Cloth*Paper Scissors STUDIOS Magazine                 

Organizing From the Inside Out                                          Julie Morgenstern

SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life                                      Julie Morgenstern