I offer a free 1 hour consultation meeting where I would:


  • Get to know you
  • Establish the Goals you have for your Home
  • Explain my “TACKLE” method of Organizing

    T - Time to organize
    A - Analyze Goals
    C - Categorize
    K - Keep or Release
    L - Logical System
    E - Enjoy More Time - Less Stress!

There are several ways you my utilize my Professional Organizing Services:


  • Consulting (3 hour minimum)
  • Work along side and give you an assignment to be done before next visit
  • I may work on an area independently and check in with you about the progress


My Rate is $40/hour


  • You may buy the amount of hours that fits your budget
  • You may hire me for a room and I can give you an estimate of how long it could take


 When I travel outside of Dane County to work, my rate is $45/hour