My Defining Moment

I showed up for my first organizing job not knowing what to expect.  There were 2 other experienced organizers and as we toured the house, the homeowner explained that they need to get organized in preparation of a kitchen remodeling project.  The house was in great disorder with laundry, toys, books and stuff piled and spread throughout the house.  When we first walked into the guest room, the other organizer said, “I could get this room cleared out in couple of hours and you’d have a wonderful guest room.”  



All I could see were treasures and investments - I saw great stuff mixed with stuff that should have been thrown away … and I saw potential for a relaxing guest room and a craft room.  Needless to say - that was my first room to organize.  Here are the results and I still see the client around town and she lets me know how much she enjoys her guest/craft room.

So back to my Defining Moment…I tuned into what is important to the client and how to organize according to what they would like to do - this client wanted to knit, scrapbook, make cards and catch up on her photo albums.  My specialty is setting up “Creative Spaces” for clients.