Welcome to Sort N’ Release Organizing LLC

Sort N’ Release Organizing LLC is a Professional Organizing Service, based in Middleton, WI and serving in the Madison/Dane county area.  

My name is Mary Fisher and I have been a Professional Organizer for 9 years with excellent experience in Organizing:


* Creative Spaces for Quilters, Crafters and Artists

* Closets

* Kitchens/Pantries

* Household Information Systems/Offices

* Garages/Basements/Storage areas


What is Organizing?

Organizing is more than just making your home look “neat”. Organizing is a process of determining what is important to you and taking your home through the needed changes in order to function efficiently and enjoyably.


Why Organize?

  • To Function Efficiently and Wisely
  • To Simplify Your Home and Life
  • To Focus on What is Most Important to You

How can working with an Organizing Consultant Help You?

When you are feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and burdened, but don’t know where to begin - finding a professional organizer to come alongside you opens the door to the changes you are seeking.

As an organizer, I will coach, encourage and advise you on the process of organizing in your home. You will learn new skills for becoming organized and staying organized. You will free up space and time in order to have room for what is most important to you.